Over-agressive rendering?

Nov 27, 2008 at 2:43 PM

It seems for me that all my rendered objects tend to go outside their bounds. If I have my ViewPort3d set to 400x400, then if something is outside that range (at 450x400), it still gets rendered on the screen... it is almost as if I didn't set 400x400 at all and that the ViewPort is auto-expanding to fill the screen.

I've got my view port defined like this:




Kit3D_Windows_Controls:Viewport3D Height="200" Width="200" x:Name="vpFocus" Grid.Column="0" Canvas.ZIndex="1" Background="White"/>




I know I can use the ZIndex to put something else on top of it, which works OK until I have two ViewPorts on the screen (I've got my main view port, then a 'mini-map' of sorts in the upper corner) - at least one of them has to be on top so no matter what I do, one of them is going to render outside of it's defined bounds.

Has anyone else experienced this?